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A protective shield against dirt and limescale

Thanks to the ROLSHIELD, glass is protected from the deposition of dirt and its maintenance is easier than ever.

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Shower enclosure cleaning and maintenance are among the most annoying household chores in the Czech Republic

How much time per year do you spend removing these impurities from your shower enclosure:

25 hr
20 hr
15 hr
10 hr
5 hr
0 hr
22 hr 41,5 %
14 hr 46,4 %
11 hr 20,8 %
6 hr 11,3 %
If you are cleaning an ordinary shower enclosure with a real care, you will spend up to 53 hours a year with it! Incredible, isn't it? These are two completely wasted weekends. Or a week's holiday at work. What about, instead of this, to set off somewhere? With ROLSHIELD you will save 84% of time for the shower enclosure cleaning.
Shower enclosure

Did you know that most people are not cleaning roughly a third of their shower enclosure?

67%. This is the average size of shower enclosure area, which on average we care about. The upper parts are forbidden, if one does not measure 180 cm and more. And the lower parts of shower enclosure? Hand on heart, no one wants to bend. Are you willing to leave roughly a third of your enclosure dirty?

What our customers say about ROLSHIELD?

The secret of ROLSHIELD
consists in nanotechnology

The vast majority of shower enclosures without surface treatment are difficult to clean, and very soon loses its shine. But with ROLSHIELD something like this can not happen. This unique coating works based on nanotechnology - imagine the glass surface like a magnet, that creates water droplets. They run down the glass attaching to themselves all impurities including limescale and grease. Thanks to this, will the cleaning of shower enclosure take you only a minimum of time.

Professional ROLSHIELD layer resists to UV rays, it is chemically and mechanically resistant and withstands even against a thermal shock. We let it check by TÜV - the certification company from Germany. Its minimum lifespan is 10 years.

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UV rays resistant

TÜV certification

Lifespan of 10 years

2 ways to have ROLSHIELD even in your bathroom

When you are planning a new bathroom...

ROLSHIELD treatment is standard with all ROLTECHNIK shower enclosures. If you are planning a new bathroom, choose the shower enclosure from ROLTECHNIK and throw all maintenance worries behind your head.

When your bathroom is finished and you want to improve it ...

Also your existing shower enclosure can be provided with certified ROLSHIELD protection. Just order the COMPLETE CARE set at our shop, which you can quickly and simply apply on your shower enclosure and you're done.