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How to maintain the glass as after the first showering

Each panel of ROLTECHNIK shower enclosure has been already applied with the glass surface protection ROLSHIELD. This layer acts as a protective shield against the accumulation of impurities and limescale. Thanks to it the drops of water creates a perfect round shape and immediately rolling down away from the glass. With this ROLSHIELD protective layer you will have no tedious cleaning of the enclosure. Its maintenance is easy and almost without work. However, to keep the layer solid, do not use any aggressive cleaners, but only our special ROLSHIELD agents, with which TÜV certification guarantees durability of surface treatment for 10 years.

Special care for protective layer reviving

Product with a pleasant aroma you will use for occasional treatment and cleaning the glass in one step. REFRESH CLEANER can be used on all glass surfaces with the ROLSHIELD protective layer. Regular maintenance ensures that the coating will not lose any of its functionality and at least for 10 years of its lifetime will be 100% protection of your shower enclosure against deposition of dirt and limescale.

Complete care of the glass surface

The set is used for applying a new glass surface protection ROLSHIELD or to repair the damaged original layer on the shower enclosure. Besides the shower you can treat with it any other glass surfaces, mirrors, whirlpool and steam cabins, sinks, toilets, tiles and other sanitary ceramics in the bathroom. Thanks to the COMPLETE CARE surface will obtain a water-repellent effect, you will protect it from corrosion and its further maintenance will be easier.

How to use the REFRESH CLEANER?

This product is designed for occasional treatment and cleaning the glass in one step. Just use it approximately once per 14 days on all glass surfaces with the protective layer ROLSHIELD. Regular maintenance ensures that the coating has lost none of its functionality and for a minimum of 10 years of its lifetime will absolutely protect your shower enclosure against setting of impurities.

Proceed in next two steps:

  1. Apply the REFRESH CLEANER in a circular motion with a soft microfibre cloth on the glass surface. Leave on for 2 minutes.
  2. Polish the glass with a microfibre cloth. And you´re done! Glass do not need to be additionally cleaned with water.

REFRESH CLEANER is supplied in 500 ml packs and for an idea 90 x 90 cm sized shower enclosure you will treat with it roughly 20 times.

How to use the COMPLETE CARE set?

With this basic set you can either apply a new glass protection ROLSHIELD or repair and restore already existing and naturally worn layer. The result is an instant water-repellent effect, that will increase within 24-48 hours. COMPLETE CARE set contains several utilities and this invisible protective layer you will apply with them in a few easy steps:

  1. With circular motions, apply undiluted product PRE CLEANER on glass using the enclosed sponge. Leave on for about 2-5 minutes.
  2. Polish the glass with the yellow microfibre cloth.
  3. Apply the PROTECTOR with circular motions using white cloth and rub it. Proceed in sections of 0.5 m2. Again let it dry for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Polish the surface with the blue microfibre cloth and wait a few hours before using your shower.

COMPLETE CARE set lasts roughly 3-4 use (if we think about glass panels of 90 x 90 cm sized shower enclosure).

What to watch out during maintenance?

To avoid disruption of the protective layer ROLSHIELD, never use an abrasive milk and powders for glass cleaning. Also do not use other preparations that contain an amount of alkalis, chlorine and bleach. We recommend not to use neither concentrated drain cleaners, steel wool and metal cleaners or abrasive sponges and other sharp instruments.

Commonly, we recommend every time after using the shower to rinse the glass with rich stream of clean water. After prolonged use you can preventively the minerals contained in the water and other impurities easily remove with soft microfibre cloth. And with a stronger pollution i tis enough to use the REFRESH CLEANER again. Thanks to its sprayer you will easily reach to a difficult to acces locations also. It is very efficient, pleasantly smells and is environmentally friendly.

How to achieve even better results?

Although you can not treat the glass by yourself as thoroughly as the industrial application of the protective layer ROLSHIELD, when properly maintained and in combination with our REFRESH CLEANER will this layer serve to you for a period of 10 years. However we recommend, roughly once a year, to recover it and redintegrate minor damage spots.


REFRESH CLEANER product comes in a handy 500 ml pack with a pistol sprayer.


  3. sponge with a handle for the application of ROLSHIELD PRE CLEANER
  4. yellow microfibre cloth for polishing of ROLSHIELD PRE CLEANER
  5. two white viscose cloths for application of ROLSHIELD PROTECTOR
  6. blue microfibre cloth for polishing of ROLSHIELD PROTECTOR​
  7. 1 pair of disposable gloves 


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